Soft Cork Rectangle "Adjust-a-Bowl"


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People love the look and feel of these unusual, beautiful bowls. Some have referred to them as baskets. They are the ultimate “hold everything” bowl that's always the right size because you can shape and adjust these to fit any cargo: fruits, bread, soaps and toiletries, or anything else you want to display elegantly!

Versatile and durable, you can shape it or fold it to modify its size for whatever you put in it. Cork fabric will get even softer and more pliable over time. It’s anti-microbial and water- and stain-resistant too. There's lots to love about cork fabric.

Dimensions: 11-inches long x 7-inches wide x 5-inches high

Care: Hand wash and wipe dry.

    What makes it good?

    • Eco-materials: Made from environmentally friendly fabrics
    • Bambu promotes responsible business practices to ensure quality and conditions of production by direct oversight

      Type: Sustainable Home

      Vendor: Bambu

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