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Earth's Berries

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Clean clothes and clean conscience! Earth's Berries Soap Nuts are an environmentally friendly organic cleaner that helps keep your entire home safe and clean. Each size of Earth's Berries comes with wash bags to put berries in during the wash cycle. One 8.8 oz bag (.55 lb. size) will replace almost three 32-load bottles of laundry detergent, which makes this natural solution a real savings for your budget too! 

What is a Soap Nut? 
Soap nuts aren't technically nuts. They're fruit, taken from the soapberry tree (Sapindus mukorrosi). In appearance, they're similar to the lychee nut, yet they're not grown for consumption. Thanks to their high concentration of foaming "saponin," soap nuts are used throughout the world as cleaning agents. Soap nuts have been used for centuries in Southeast Asia and for decades in Europe. In the past decade, it has made its way to North America, where it has been recognized as a natural, potent cleaning alternative to the harsh chemicals common to detergents and household cleaners. Saponin naturally softens fabrics, therefore the added benefit to using Earth’s Berries soap nuts is that you no longer need to use fabric softener. Great for fine fabrics such as silk with its soft and gentle cleaning effect. 

What makes it good?

  • All-natural
  • Chemical-free, so laundry run-off will not pollute our waters
  • Used soap nuts are compostable

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