Recyclable & Sealable Paper Sandwich Bags

Lunch Skins

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Achieve a zero-waste lunch!
Meet best new paper bag: 100% plastic-free, recyclable, and sealable! Made from toxin-free paper, these bags are the perfect alternative to plastic sandwich bags. Lunchskins has thought of everything (including designing the box to fit perfectly in your kitchen drawer) to empower you to make a difference with the way you take meals on the go. These durable paper bags are 100% home compostable and perfectly sized for sandwiches and snacks.

50 bags per box, choose from two designs.

What makes it good?

  • Eco-materials: Recyclable, plastic-free
  • Home compostable
  • Using reusable lunch bags is an easy and stylish way to create a litter-less lunch. Lunch Skins have saved more than 120 million plastic baggies from landfills. Everyone making small efforts makes a big difference. 

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