Pure Vanilla Extract Kit

Fair Seas Spice Company

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100% fair trade certified and organically grown, the Fair Seas Spice Co. has introduced the ultimate homemade vanilla extract kit, a must-have for serious (or not so serious!) bakers. Nine plump Malabar vanilla beans will produce a pure extract with a depth and complexity that is unmatched by regular grocery store products. Sounds fancy? That’s because it is. But easy? You bet. All that's involved is a sharp knife, some bourbon or vodka, and time. Simply remove the beans from the bottle, slit them lengthwise, replace them in the bottle, and cover the beans with the alcohol. Put the knife away and treat yourself to a celebratory shot, because in two months, you’ll be going on to your friends about your homemade vanilla extract. Best of all, when your bottle begins to run dry simply replace half the beans and add more vodka. But don’t throw those used beans away. Drop them in a vat of sugar and voilà, seven days later you’ll have wonderful vanilla infused sugar. Now say goodbye to your dubiously flavored and overpriced vanilla lattes.

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  • Fair trade and organic

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