Fair Trade Ground Cardamom

Level Ground Trading

Fresh spices make all the difference in your dishes. Cardamom is the secret ingredient in most baked goods that give off that distinctive heavenly aroma! Add a teaspoon to your next batch of scones. In the Middle East, you'll find this spice in many savory dishes, as well as flavoring coffee or tea. And healthy? You bet. Just like ginger, it helps with a variety of digestive issues, and actually helps to eliminate waste from the kidneys.

Brighten up your cooking with this dynamic flavor and enjoy the health benefits that come from consuming natural, organic foods. Best of all, dishes taste better when you know your spices are harvested ethically and farmers are paid fair wages for their crops. Level Ground Trading works with the fair trade organization Ethical Inspirations in Sri Lanka to purchase spices from small-scale farmers, fresh off the tree or out of the ground. All are dried, ground, and packed as soon as possible post-harvest to deliver spices bursting with flavor!

2.1-oz. glass bottle.

Where’s it from?

Sri Lanka

What makes it good?

  • Fair trade and organic
  • Supports livelihoods for small-scale farmers

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