Community Fundraising

Proceeds from the sales of sustainable living goods raise vital funds for UUSC to help advance justice and human rights around the globe. Many of our supporters use holiday cards and seasonal merchandise as a way to also raise funds for their important social justice initiatives or youth groups. Consider signing up to be a year-round community fundraiser, selling our products in your church or through your community groups, bookstore, or youth group outreach.

What's even better? If your purchase includes Equal Exchange products, 20 cents is automatically donated to UUSC's Small Farmer Fund for every pound of coffee, chocolate, and other Equal Exchange treats sold.

How it works

You’ll have access to the entire catalog of products at The Good Buy to sell at your holiday fairs, Sunday coffee hours, youth groups, clubs, and congregational bookstore. Once you sign up, you will be given a unique code to enter at checkout for 20% off your entire order. When you receive your merchandise, you sell the goods at your event, holiday fair, or in your congregation at full price and keep the proceeds for your social justice efforts. It’s a fundraiser for us and your group, too! In addition, we can send you a supply of print catalogs, which will have a coupon for anyone to redeem online for 10% off their next personal online order!

Sign up as a community fundraiser today by e-mailing us at; please include your name, community group or congregation name, contact phone number, and e-mail address.


Can I place a phone order or have you invoice me?

To simplify the ordering process and make it more efficient, your special fundraiser’s discount code can easily be used when ordering online using a credit card. You’ll immediately receive 20% off your whole order! Be sure to use your code (we’ll give it to you when you sign up as a fundraiser) during each checkout online. 

If your church or school would prefer to be invoiced and pay by check instead of credit card, we can do that too! Email us at to set up your account for net terms.

Also, if you're looking to buy in bulk (such as a large quantity of coffee for your congregation's coffee hours) or seeking a product/variety we don't carry, let us know! We can do special orders for you within the brands we work with.

Does The Good Buy pay for shipping?

If your order total is $60 or over, you can choose free ground shipping! Please note: all fundraising shipments must be shipped to the address listed on the account. The 20% discount cannot be used for personal, individual orders; it only applies to fundraising group orders intended for resale.

Can I return items that are unsold?

By collecting together pre-paid orders together, it gives us access to bulk pricing to pass the discount on to you. So unlike a consignment order, these orders are not returnable, unless defective. We can help you craft the perfect order so you don't have a lot of unsold items. Just ask!

Any other questions?

Let us know by e-mailing We’re here to help you run a successful fundraiser!