About Us

We started The Good Buy with a simple goal in mind:

Help consumers make environmentally conscious, ethically minded choices
about where they shop, what they purchase, and how they impact the world we all share

Each item is handpicked and individually screened with our rigorous criteria for ethical sourcing. Here you'll find a wide variety of fairly traded gifts and goods made by artisans around the globe using locally sourced materials and all-natural ingredients. We work with close to 40 partner organizations to bring our favorite finds for sustainable living to you.

Workers' rights are important to us: Our products are made by cooperatives, union shops, B Corps, small farmers, and small businesses who treat people right. Living wages and sustainable livelihoods should be cornerstones of all commerce.

We know materials matter, so the products we carry are made from eco-friendly materials and created using manufacturing processes that do not pollute eco-systems. 

We are committed to transparency, sustainability, and economic and environmental justice at every level.

Good design is important. The items we choose to surround ourselves with every day should be useful as well as beautiful. Products that enhance life and make us appreciate the natural wonders of the world are essential. We highly value goods that help us collectively curb our impulses to use up precious resources and to end ties with throwaway culture. In the end, we know that people and planet are more important than things.

What else makes these buys so good? You can multiply the impact that your purchases make for doing good in the world. The Good Buy is operated by UUSC, a nonprofit human rights organization, powered by grassroots collaboration. All proceeds from The Good Buy go towards funding social justice programs administered by the UUSC. Together, we’ve accomplished good things like building homes in Haiti, monitoring water contamination in Guatemala, empowering women in Nepal after the 2015 earthquake, and more.

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Good for the earth. Good for workers.