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Boo! The limited edition ChicoBag Halloween Reusable Shopping Bag features a 25 pound carrying capacity and puts the "eek" in eco-friendly Halloween celebrations. Made of durable, machine washable fabric, the ChicoBag Halloween is sure to please any trick-or-treater. Stuff the bag into the integrated pouch when your goodies are gone and use it again next year. Available in Jack O'Lantern and Spooky Skull.

Each bag is approximately 17 x 15 inches. Made from durable, machine washable fabric. Wash cold and hang to dry.

What makes it good?

  • Eco-materials: made from durable woven polyester 
  • Reusable: reduce environmental impact by eliminating single-use trick-or-treating bags
  • ChicoBag is Certified B Corporation, a Green America Approved Business, and a member of the Fair Labor Association
  • When your bag has outlived its usefulness, return to ChicoBag as part of its Zero Waste Program to be distributed to low-income families or recycled into new, useful products 

Type: Accessories

Vendor: Chico Bag

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