Bamboo Garden Trowel


Tools for the gardener, made from nature, and crafted by Bambu. Certified organic.

This bamboo garden trowel is surprisingly durable. It is lightweight, and capable for handling all soils types. Ideal for breaking up earth, digging small holes. Especially good for planting and weeding, mixing in natural fertilizer or transplanting. The handle has been designed and shaped to fit naturally in the hand. Hand shaped from a single piece of certified organic bamboo. Made without metals, plastics, adhesives, or lacquers. 

Washes up easily in warm water and a scrub. Each trowel comes with a simple tag and a waxed cotton tie. 

11 inches.

What makes it good?

  • Eco-materials: Made from renewable resources
  • Hand-made: expert craftsmanship
  • Bambu promotes responsible business practices to ensure quality and conditions of production by direct oversight

Type: Sustainable Home

Vendor: Bambu

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