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Fair Trade Month Is Here!

October 01, 2018

Fair trade is not about handouts or charity; it's a way of doing business that keeps small farmers and artisans as active participants in the global marketplace. Learn more about the ins and outs of fair trade and it's relationship to sustainability, and how you can make a difference with every purchase choice you make.

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World Fair Trade Day

May 12, 2018

Join us for an inclusive worldwide festival of events this weekend! Choose to support the economic empowerment of small producers, gender equality in workplaces, and responsible production practices.

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Try On Something Good

April 24, 2018

What makes our apparel picks so good? From top to bottom, we take a look at our wardrobe choices and see how well they're doing for people and planet.

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FEM: Fundación Entre Mujeres

February 10, 2018

Last year, the total Equal Exchange contributed to UUSC's Small Farmer Fund was over $10,000! These funds are redistributed to support small farmer groups and cooperatives globally working to advance economic justice, including our new partner FEM. Learn more about the global impact of your purchases.

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All Chocolate Is Not Equal

January 30, 2018

With a lot of money at stake, the cocoa industry has lobbied successfully to ensure any "slave-free" certification stays off labeling. Do you care enough as a consumer to ensure the chocolate you consume is not connected to child trafficking? Big chocolate manufacturers are betting you won't. 

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Cooperatives: A Different Way Forward

October 31, 2017

Learn how cooperatives provide a better way forward for trading goods and see how your purchases of Equal Exchange products put your values into action and support cooperatives through UUSC's Small Farmer Fund.

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Beyond Fair Wages

October 27, 2017

As we come to the end of Fair Trade Month, learn how Matr Boomie, with over a decade working in fair trade, is developing respectful relationships with artisan groups and creating sustainable business solutions that fosters a world where more marginalized artisans are connected to trade.

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Halloween Should Be Scary, Not Your Chocolate

October 06, 2017

Here’s something to be scared about this Halloween: your child’s chocolate likely came at the expense of another child if it’s not fair-trade chocolate. Learn more about what's at stake and why fair trade matters from a quick video by Equal Exchange. 

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Empowering Women Artisans

May 05, 2017

Our partner Matr Boomie has worked for over a decade to increase the reach of fair trade and to empower women workers for over a decade in India. Check out some of the statistics that make their dedication to minimizing gender disparity in India such a success.

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Join the Fashion Revolution

April 24, 2017

Last year, in more than 92 countries around the world, tens of thousands of people took part in Fashion Revolution Week. We asked brands #whomademyclothes to show that we care and demand better working conditions for the people who make our clothes. Join with us again this year to demand change.

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The Mata Manifesto

March 16, 2017 2 Comments

Get to know our newest partner Mata Traders. Here are five essentials on how they run a fair-trade fashion business and how women's empowerment underpins the entire brand. Once you read this and see their line, you'll want to fill your closet with their pieces.

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Better Basics: Closet Essentials Checklist

February 23, 2017

Let's take a hard look at we wear — including where they were made, how they were made, and who made them. Choose better basics and feel good about your wardrobe.

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Expand Your Circle of Love

February 07, 2017

Love is in the air this time of year, but something a lot less sweet is behind the chocolate and gifts we all give. This Valentine's Day, make a difference in the lives of workers who make your occasions so special by choosing only fair trade.

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Meet The Makers: Veronica

January 11, 2017

We believe that when you know where your goods come from and who made them, they take on deeper meaning. Read the first in a series of post introducing you to some of the talented artisans who make the goods we sell.

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Empowering Women & Minority Workers

November 23, 2016

Learn about success stories from Matr Boomie, whofor over 10 yearshas become a credible force in the fair-trade market by creating opportunities for women and minorities in India, a corner of the world not usually known for workers’ rights. 

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Quantifying Social Impact

November 03, 2016

Keeping track of success in several key areas, our partner Matr Boomie has gained real insights into where artisan communities stand and where they can provide support. Learn about the hard work it takes to demonstrate the direct link between a fair trade product and the impact it makes.

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4 Philanthropic Orgs You Should Know About

September 07, 2016

Learn about our nearly 40 amazing partnerships, those organizations we work with who continually impress us with their dedication to our environment, our workers, and our shared humanity.

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Happy Labor Day

September 04, 2016

Today is dedicated to the achievements of American workers. We’ve got lots to celebrate this holiday weekend, but we can never take the well-being of our workers for granted. Help build a more equitable world with a few of our favorites.

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Hello from The Good Buy Intern!

September 02, 2016

This guest blog post is written by Elana, the first official intern for the Good Buy! She reflects on her experience learning about how conscious consumers connect to economic and environmental justice.

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Footwear to Feel Good About

July 02, 2016

What's behind Inkkas' handmade shoes that use textiles from around the globe? Learn more about how this footwear company is planting trees for each pair sold, while respecting workers' rights through the manufacturing process.

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Yay! It's Made in the USA!

June 28, 2016

Celebrate with us by checking out our favorite picks from our Made in the USA collection. This upcoming holiday weekend, we're highlighting some of our favorite products that American workers make here at home and send out to do good in the world.

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Make Way for a More Equitable World

May 08, 2016

This year’s theme for World Fair Trade Day: “Be an agent of change.” Join with us in building local and global economies that are based on cooperation, not exploitation. Learn how.

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Save on Mother's Day Gifts!

April 25, 2016

Shop our Mother's Day Sale this week only to get up to 30% off on gifts she'll love! Celebrate women entrepreneurs, leaders in our shared economy, with these handpicked items that support women's rights.

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Fair-Trade Footwear Is Here!

April 23, 2016

Inspired by patterns around the world, Inkkas shoes are handmade using authentic textiles that have a global impact. Several options are also vegan. Check out some seriously good footwear!


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