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Climate-Forced Migration with Dignity

March 31, 2018

Your purchases help to fund the critical human rights work of UUSC, assisting indigenous populations of the South Pacific and Alaska, regions that rely on coastal habitats and are facing severe climate change impacts with limited resources.

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Meet the Makers: Htoo

February 17, 2018

Meet Htoo, an artisan with Prosperity Candle who has resettled in the U.S. after a long journey as a refugee fleeing violence in Burma. Read about what you can do to support her, plus find more actions you can take for similar Rohingya refugees in Burma now.

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Gift a Gift of Refugee Response

December 08, 2017

Make a holiday gift in the name of a loved one that gives refugees hope! Our global human rights work assists refugees fleeing violence and destabilization.

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Give a Gift for Healthy Children

December 01, 2017

Your purchases help at-risk children around the world to thrive! Want to make an even bigger difference for children's rights? Learn how to give a holiday gift in the name of a loved one this season.

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Help To Rebuild Lives Following Disasters

November 28, 2017

Your purchases help to fund vital human rights projects around the globe, including our disaster relief responses. As we work in the wake of disasters to find and support those individuals who are left out of aid, you can assist us in accomplishing our mission.

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Give a Gift of Environmental and Climate Action!

November 20, 2017

You can make a holiday gift in the name of a loved one to help to protect the rights of those most vulnerable who are affected by increasing temperatures, low precipitation, frequent and intensified natural disasters causing sea level rise, droughts, widespread flooding, and other impacts from climate change!

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Make a difference for LGBTQI rights!

November 19, 2017

All proceeds from purchases at The Good Buy fund UUSC's human rights programs around the world. Read a few impacts from our recent work, and learn how you can do more to advance LGBTQI rights this holiday.

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Assisting Refugees in Family Detention

November 14, 2017

Your purchases fund vital global human rights programs, including projects that address the plight of refugees seeking asylum in the United States. After fleeing intense violence and making the dangerous journey to reach the border, migrants are treated more like criminals than who they actually are: survivors of trauma pursuing their legal right to seek asylum.

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Give a Gift of Women's Empowerment

November 12, 2017

Did you know that your purchases help  to preserve the rights of women and children who are most vulnerable to human rights abuses?  You can do even more to help empower women to claim their rights and become leaders in their communities by giving a holiday gift in the name of a loved one! Learn how.

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