Stunning Traditional Art Forms

February 24, 2017

Matr Boomie has made a fair trade presence in India for over a decade. Its exclusive products sustain jobs for people throughout the country who have been handcrafting goods for generations. Here are just a few of the techniques skilled Indian artisans use to create the stunning Matr Boomie pieces that go from their hands to yours.


Shibori is the Japanese term for several methods of dyeing cloth with a pattern by stitching, binding, folding, twisting or compressing. Depending on how tightly and where the cloth is bound with thread, the resist pattern will appear. Raw materials used in this process are locally sourced cotton fabrics and non-toxic vegetable dyes.

Jewelry and Metalworking

Ornate jewelry is a proud cultural tradition in India and each piece in the Matr Boomie collection hints at a deeper story. In the sprawling urban center of Old Delhi, our partner group of nearly 80 artisans inherit their craftsmanship from their ancestors, who were master jewelers.

Photo courtesy Matr Boomie

Handloom Weaving

Highly promoted by Mohandas Gandhi as a part of India’s independence movement, handloom weaving is one of the most traditional art forms in India. Raw cotton threads are dyed, spun and reeled into small spools, which are put onto a loom. This setup is all done manually and can take a few days. For an entire weave, there could be as many as 100 spools used to create rich textures and patterns. That is why these beautiful woven products have been called “exquisite poetry in colorful fabrics.” This small group of about 25 men and women weavers have low education levels and face increasing economic challenges due to competition from industrial mills.

Explore the Matr Boomie Collection to find examples of the fine handcrafted pieces made by artisans with the techniques mentioned above. Our recommendations: be sure to check out the stunning Shibori scarves, best-selling Devika Earrings and Cuff, and the woven Striped Rugs.

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