Overcome the Winter Blues

January 25, 2018 1 Comment

Seasonal depression, better known as the “winter blues,” is marked by sad feelings, listlessness, sleeping longer, and less motivation. Shortened daylight hours, coming down from the holiday highs, chilly weather, and being cooped up inside all contribute to down feelings.

When you're feeling alone, social media should help, right? Actually, studies are beginning to say that instead of increasing feelings of connectedness, they’re doing the opposite. So what are some easy steps to help get you through the slow plod of the gray days of winter? We've got five ideas to help you feel a bit better.

Get more light.

Many people become vitamin D deficient in the winter due to lack of exposure to the sun. You can take a supplement during this time to help, but also get outside as much as you can, weather permitting. When inside, surround yourself with warm lighting to help your brain compensate.

Turn up the music.

We swear by our Spotify’s Daily Mix playlists around here to help us navigate our day. Selecting more upbeat music during times of stress and loneliness can jump start your brain’s battery.

Get the flu shot.

What’s worse than being down? Being down and out with cold and flu symptoms. It’s being reported that this year’s flu season is becoming a bad one, and it’s still not too late to get vaccinated. The flu season runs mostly from December to February, but can last as long as May. Everyone should get the flu shot regardless of if you’ve heard rumors it’s not worth your time, because as The New York Times notes: “The shot is about reducing your risk, not eliminating it. Still, even when the flu vaccine is ‘less effective,’ it’s a good bet.”

Volunteer your time.

Instead of scrolling through page after page of increasingly alarming news stories that can make you feel helpless, make a difference in someone’s life near you. Find a cause you want to support and spend an hour or two supporting those in need.

Take a vacation.

Don’t be so hard on yourself. Everyone goes through ups and downs, so take a pause and be a little more mindful when the blues hit you hard. If you can take some time off to get away to a warmer, brighter place, great! if that’s not possible, give yourself permission for mini-getaways for the weekend or night somewhere you’ve been wanting to visit (spa, museum, a new restaurant).

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Jessica Atcheson
Jessica Atcheson

January 28, 2018

Love this!

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