Open Your Heart for Valentine's Day

January 31, 2018

Valentine’s Day is approaching, and sure, it's sort of an invented holiday. So, we’re thinking bigger this year than just romantic love. Collectively, we’ve been through a lot together. When you look around at the world today, people seem to only focus on the differences. February 14th might just be a good day to remind ourselves that global brotherhood and sisterhood is within our grasp if we work toward it. Here’s some inspiration to help us get there together.

Lives Filled with Love

Our “Meet the Makers” blog post series allows you to connect with the global artisans who make the products you purchase. Read some inspiring true stories of women leaders in weaving cooperatives, small farmers bringing in harvests to support their families, resettled refugees building a better lives for themselves by applying skilled trades, and more!

Volunteer Opportunities

The Volunteer Placements program with the College of Social Justice is designed to be a powerful opportunity for individuals who are willing to lend their skills and expertise to leave a meaningful impact with one of our partner organizations. Current opportunities include immigration justice and refugee support. Learn more.

Bring on the Chocolate

What would the month of February be without rivers of chocolate? An essential ingredient to a happy Valentine’s, just make sure that yours is fair-trade and slave-free. Want to know how? Every bar, every bite of our chocolate collection is ethically sourced. Share a bar with a new friend.

Love and Understanding

Was it really over 20 years ago that Cher hit the charts singing: “We could use some love to ease these troubled times?” Listen to our new Spotify playlist and you can relive those lyrics that seem to take on more meaning each day. Sure, it may be corny, but aren’t things supposed to be a little schmaltzy this time of year? Enjoy this twist on a traditional Valentine's Day playlist. Let music be a bridge that helps span the divide.

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