Meet The Makers: Veronica

January 11, 2017

We believe that when you know where your goods come from and who made them, they take on deeper meaning. Supply chains can keep invisible the people behind the clothes we wear and the food we consume. We should work to ensure they are paid a living wage for their work and treated fairly.

To that end, we’re beginning a new blog post series this spring entitled “Meet the Makers,” where we’ll be sharing stories about the inspiring individuals who make our amazing goods. Today, meet Veronica, a wool artisan from Bolivia, who hand-knits colorful winter beanies.

Born and raised in Charazani, a very small town of 700 people about 4 hours away from La Paz which can only be reached by a dirt road, Veronica moved to El Alto looking for better opportunities. With effort and hard work, she raises llamas, enabling her to collect the wool for weaving and also to sell wool to other artisans.

Veronica notes: “I'm very lucky to to have a hard-working husband who does his best to provide for me and our children.  Of course, life is not easy — whatever work I do greatly helps to contribute to our family income. My dream for the future is to see my children become people of good. I’m very happy to be part of the Beyond Beanie project. I’m glad that my work contributes not to only to help my family, but also to provide meals and school supplies to much needed street and orphaned children. Enjoy my creations!” Veronica, and other women weavers like her, proudly signs each beanie they knit on a tag inside.

The next time you question what a garment “should” cost at a store, we hope that the skilled hands that made the piece you’ve chosen come to mind and you honor them by exercising your purchasing power for good.

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