Meet the Makers: Htoo

February 17, 2018

Over 600,000 Rohingya refugees — a minority Muslim population — have fled their homes in Burma to Bangladesh to escape a campaign of ethnic cleansing being waged by the Burmese military. The reports are horrifying: the military has burnt villages to the ground and inflicted brutal violence on the Rohingya including rape, beatings, beheadings, and mass killings.

Our parent organization, UUSC, and its allies have been working with its partners on the ground and in the U.S. to pressure the military of Burma to stop their attacks and hold them accountable. Find out the latest news, petitions you can sign, and other ways to add your voice to calls for action on behalf of refugees here.

How else can you lend support to refugees from Burma? The Good Buy’s partner Prosperity Candle has long worked with women from the region who have fled their violent conditions in their homeland. They’ve shared inspiring stories of hope from several women who have resettled in the U.S. and begun working as candle artisans.

“My dream is to complete my education and become a chef.”

Fleeing on foot through the jungle, Htoo last saw her native Burma when she was four years old. She and her family were forced out of their home by soldiers, forever leaving behind the life they knew and loved.

After 13 years in a refugee camp in Thailand, Htoo became eligible to relocate to the United States to start a new life. At age 20, Htoo joined Prosperity Candle as an apprentice candlemaker and earned her first paycheck.

Now with her own resources, Htoo has learned valuable job skills and is completing her high school education, the first step toward her dream of becoming a chef.

You can support Htoo and women like her earning a living wage by purchasing beautiful, hand-poured candles. If you know the name of your Burmese candle-maker from the story card or candle label, you can write directly to her on Prosperity Candle’s website or send a general message of encouragement to the all the Burmese women at Prosperity.

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