Meet the Makers: Febronie

March 01, 2017

Rwandan Weaver FebronieFebronie, 35, is married with five children. She lives with her family in the Ruli District of Rwanda. Febronie first learned how to weave in Primary school as a kid, but dropped out of school when the Rwandan genocide began and was not able to complete her education. A year later, Febronie decided to return to weaving. All her family had passed away and she needed to find a way to financially support herself. At 15, she joined with some women in her neighborhood who were forming a co-operative. She quickly became one of the most skilled in the group and began recruiting and teaching other women how to weave.

In 2013, Febronie and the entire co-operative became weavers for All Across Africa. Since then, Febronie receives regular support so her new family can thrive, providing them all with health insurance, food, and the fees that allow all of her children to attend school. She continues to teach weaving to new artisans and is saving to begin building a house.

Each handwoven Rwandan basket tells a story through its pattern, reminding us that each skilled hand that lovingly makes that design has a personal experience waiting to be told as well.

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