Happy New Year

January 01, 2017

With the end of Hanukkah today on the first day of 2017, the holidays are officially over. Today—no sales pitch, no product placement, no snappy marketing copy. While you're already being inundated on offers to return to the gym and eat healthier, we just wanted to tell you thanks for supporting workers’ rights and environmental justice in 2016 and for inviting us into your life to help you live more sustainably. Our goal is to make a real difference in consumer choices that improves lives of workers and the earth we share.

Here’s our wish for the coming year, the same as it was last year: may more people like you join us in building a path together to a better world that we all long to live in. Raise a glass for the workers! Have a drink for the earth! Celebrate all that’s good.

Our heartfelt thanks from all of us at the Good Buy. Happy New Year and cheers to a more sustainable 2017! We look toward a bright future for the world we all share. 

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