Find Joy & Wonder Again

December 24, 2017

As the holidays bring to a close another year, no wonder it's a time for introspection. Gathering family close, reconnecting with friends, reflecting on what's important in your life are powerful things that can, at times, be overwhelming during the season. On top of this, it's been a difficult year for those who care about social justice and seek to support the most vulnerable among us. The holiday season is a reminder to take a breath, relax and recharge, and then recommit ourselves to bringing goodwill to all in the coming new year.

So today, we encourage you to find the joy and wonder that the holidays promise. Viewing the world through the eyes of children during this time will help ease the stresses, the worries, and the burdens we all individually and collectively shoulder, making them just a bit more bearable. 

In our continued commitment to workers' rights and well-being, The Good Buy's offices will close during the week between Christmas and New Year's Day to give workers a well-deserved break. We look forward to bringing you the best products for people and planet in 2018! In the meantime, here are some suggestions for enjoying whatever time off you'll have to spend.

Get Outside

Increasingly, we are spending our lives tethered to our electronic devices. Our struggle for environmental justice also calls us to appreciate and enjoy what we are working so hard to preserve. Find a new trail to hike, bike down a favorite path, or have a good old-fashioned snowball fight! Our pick: we haven't been sledding in years, and this is the year we plan to do it!

Read Something Adventurous

Yes the 24 hour news cycle will be there for you on December 26th, so turn off the TV, put down the paper, and pick up that novel you've been meaning to read. Take an hour or two for yourself, away from everyone and give yourself permission to read something that doesn't make you angry!


Plenty of folks have nowhere to go, family far away, and are feeling pains of loneliness during this time. Opening your home and heart to those who may be forgotten is a powerful reminder to be grateful each day for what we have, and that our bounty is big enough to share with each other generously.

Try a new recipe

We love to cook and bake, knowing there's a true sense of pride and joy that happens when you make something from scratch that you've never attempted before. We've got a few recipes this year that we've tried for the first time that are sure to become new favorites.

Give Your Dog a Long Walk

She's been there greeting you at the door every day you come home, and maybe hasn't seen as much love during the year as you've wanted to give due to the pressures of adult life! But here's your chance to spoil her with extra treats, a long walk, and a run at the dog park. 

Write a Letter

Every time we go to handwrite something, it feels like our hands have completely forgotten the strokes and our muscles cramp up before the end of the first paragraph. Thanks a lot, keyboards! But no doubt you've got some handwritten cards from someone who took the time to write and mail you something that you keep in a box because it means so much. You can give someone else that same joy that they will cherish, and it only takes a little of your time. Tell someone how much you love them, what a great friend they are, or simply reconnect. Your thoughts and memories will live on.

Check out the neighborhood lights

Every town has them: the folks so into Christmastime that their home is covered from top to bottom with bulbs, inflatable yard ornaments in every corner, and wreaths on every door. Sure, it uses a lot of energy, but just for this day, we'll give them a pass for their good intentions to help you recapture that sense of childlike wonder we've been talking about. Get out and marvel at some holiday displays that prove if you dream big enough, you can make amazing and bold things happen.

Need a few more nuggets of inspiration? Check out past blog posts, tagged "holiday joy!"

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