Choose the Right Frames for Your Face

August 17, 2018

If you’re like us, we always ask a friend’s opinion when trying on glasses. So we got to thinking there must be a more systematic way than leaving the selection of our eyewear to the court of public opinion — especially for an accessory that may be worn daily and will be noticed immediately by everyone you meet. No pressure there, right? It’s no wonder we’re all collectively at a loss on which style to choose! And the variety of options can be paralyzing. But with a little process of elimination and applying some design sensibility — along with a dash of best recommendations we've found — we hope to take some of the guesswork out of picking a frame style that looks great on your face.

Here’s what to look for in selecting eyewear accessories that fit your features.

Face Shape

Start by taking note of your face shape and match it to a frame that balances it.


Complement face curves with strongly angled frames that are wider than your cheekbones. Avoid small circular lenses that simply mirror your face shape and make everything look rounder.


Do the opposite of above! Soften a strong jawline with rounded frames at the bottom edge and choose thinner frames to lighten the sense of weight to your face.


Particularly if you have a high hairstyle or longer beard, go for the round frames. Narrow ones that don’t extend past your cheeks will match best.


If you have very wide cheekbones and a more angular face, reinforce and play with the design of the angles by choosing a more rectangular and retro style, like our Julian or Missoula styles.


If your chin comes to a more pronounced point and your hair is voluminous, broaden the look of your face with a style like Aviators that have a brow bar at the top and emphasis toward your cheekbones. 


A very symmetrical face is like a lenswear playground — you’ve hit the genetic jackpot that most frames look good on you, from small circles to thick and wide rectangles!

Style and Design

Now that you’ve zeroed in on the frame shape, let's tackle style and design!


Choose a color in conjunction with two things: your personality and your skin and/or hair tone. If you are more “type A” and extroverted, you’ll probably gravitate to stronger, bolder colors, which includes solid blacks. If you want your lenses to blend in more, match your hair and eyebrow color to the frame, or a shade or two lighter. It's no secret why "tortoise" is so popular — its subtle blends of browns and blondes are meant to enhance a variety of skin and hair types.


For the materials you choose, go back again to the vibe you want to project. Metals tend to be more sturdy where recycled plastics or bamboo looks lighter and breezy. Are you more of a bookworm or free spirit? Do you prefer to look more avant garde or reserved?


Lastly, consider the frame width. If you want the accessory to make a bold statement, it’s always ok to go wider. Thinner frames (or clear materials) tend to look lighter, with one exception: if you have a fuller face, then choose thicknesses that fill out and celebrate your natural facial curves. Conversely, if you have a thin face or pronounced bone structure, large and thick frames may "swallow up" your face, looking like a kid wearing adult-sized glasses. 

Because you can have several pairs on hand, a factor to consider when choosing sunglasses (instead of everyday eyewear), remember to balance the "visual weight" of all your accessories. Choose hats, earrings, necklaces, and scarves with similar structures, such as wide thick frames with large hoops and wide brimmed sunhats versus thin, retro metals with simple studded earrings and simple scarves.

Happy shopping!

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