Brew Low-Acid Coffee

August 10, 2017 1 Comment

Heartburn and stomach upset got you down? Need to reduce the acid in your diet but don’t want to ditch your daily cup of joe? There are ways to enjoy coffee with less acidity, by paying attention to both the type of beans you select and making a few changes to how you brew them.

Beans & Roast

First, select coffee that’s naturally low in acidity based on the region where it’s grown, usually beans Sumatra and the Caribbean are generally low in acid. But even more so, pay attention to the roast and look for dark beans. Dark roast coffee, such as French Roast, is less acidic than lighter blends and stimulates less stomach acid production. It generally has less caffeine too!

Brew Style

Change how you brew. Cold brewing results in lower acid, but it does take more preparation and time. Never cod brewed before? Check out this post for a quick how-to. If you want to brew hot coffee more conventionally, Scandinavian-style coffee calls for adding eggshells to the grounds when brewing. The eggshells contain calcium and neutralizes some of the acid.

Finding the right bean, roast, and brew style can make all the difference, so make a few adjustments until you find the right combination that provides the best taste as well as keeps you feeling good. Once you’ve found the brew that’s right for you, stick with it!

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Wendy carson
Wendy carson

September 29, 2017

Know I do not have to give up my coffee when my stomach says no.

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