Brew Coffee Like a Pro

January 23, 2017

Kick the Keurig to the curb! Not only are those plastic cups expensive, they’re incredibly wasteful and harmful to the environment. Whether it’s one cup or a whole pot, you can be your own brewmaster for the perfect cup. We'll show you how in a few easy, but essential steps.


Start with cold, filtered tap water and fresh beans. The closer your beans are to the roasting date, the more sumptuous the flavor will be. You’re guaranteed to notice the difference.

If using whole beans, it’s best to grind right before brewing. Make sure to get the proper grind for the type of brewer you’re using. Coarse grind for French press brewing, medium-coarse grind for automatic drip brewers, medium grind for filter cones, and fine grind when making espresso. Use 1 - 2 tablespoons of coffee for every 6 oz. of water. Adjust if you prefer a stronger brew.


Automatic brewers take all the guesswork out of this step. But keep in mind the perfect range for brewing is between 195˚ and 205˚ F. That’s just under boiling, so if you’re using a kettle for a French Press or pour-over, let it sit for a minute after it boils. If using a filter cone, pour in circular motions over the grounds; it should puff up as it "breathes."

The Payoff

Once your coffee has finished brewing, ensure the last cup tastes as good as the first did! If using a French Press, transfer the coffee from the press to a stainless steel or other carafe to keep it warm. If left in the press, it will continue to brew and become bitter. Another source of bitterness can come from the oils from the spent grounds in an automatic coffeemaker continuing to drip into the pot below. Once they brew cycle has finished, be sure to discard the grounds into your compost bin.

Fine tune your brew to your palate by giving a coarser grind if too bitter, and use a fine grind if you feel it’s too bland.

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