Better Basics: Closet Essentials Checklist

February 23, 2017

Everyone needs those universal, timeless pieces in the closet, especially in between seasons where it’s all about layering — for warmth and style. The best basics are relatively neutral in color (white, black, gray, or beige) so you can build around them.

And all over the fashion blogs you’ll hear that “white tee shirts and black tanks are everywhere, and you replace them often from frequent wear, so pick the inexpensive ones.” We want you to question that advice on every level.

Why are those garments so cheap? Because they’re made in factories with poor labor conditions for workers.

And how often should you be replacing your clothes? The whole point of building a wardrobe on basics is that they are classic and won’t go out of style. So they should be built to last! Did you know that the average American throws away 65 pounds of clothes a year? Care2 notes: “Textiles and decomposing clothing release methane, not to mention the dyes and chemicals in the fabrics that can leach into the soil. Space is another issue, with 11 million tons of textiles equaling about 126 million cubic yards of landfill.”

At The Good Buy, we invite you to get onboard the “slow fashion” movement and embrace the cycle of designing, making, and purchasing garments for quality and longevity. When advocating for slower production schedules, fair wages and working conditions, lower carbon footprints, and zero waste where possible, we know you'll love your wardrobe even more. As Study NY describes it: “By adding transparency about our production process and educating consumers about the craft of clothes making, we hope consumers will begin to understand what is required of producing a well-made garment.”

This year, we’ll be taking a hard look at the clothes we wear and hope you will too — including where they were made, how they were made, and who made them. As a consumer, it’s no longer acceptable to be unaware of our impact on the earth and the people around us.

We’re proud to offer pieces like the three examples below of what we call “Better Basics” from Alternative Apparel, a company who takes sustainability seriously. As they see it: “By purchasing from a fabric-first company, you aren’t just getting a finished product. You’re investing in every stage of its life cycle, including the materials and processes we use to make it.” 

Our key picks to have on hand: Triple Dare Eco-Jersey Skirt, Red Organic Tee, and Hooded Eco-Jersey Wrap. Explore the full Alternative Apparel Collection at The Good Buy here.

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