Baskets That Weave a Story

February 24, 2018

Throughout communities in sub-Saharan Africa, unemployed men and women seek sustainable jobs provide stable income to support their families with food, shelter, and education. High quality, handmade production of woven goods can be a key to enabling artisans to lift themselves out of poverty, providing necessities and pave the road to a better life for families.

Kazi Goods, an All Across Africa brand, celebrates your love for our vibrant world and connects you with African artisans who are deeply inspired by it too. Beyond having a woven masterpiece for your decorative or storage needs, for every basket you invite into your home, you support the artisan who made it. These beautiful baskets take on deeper meaning when considering just a few of the impacts they make, as the infographic from AAA shows below.

Want to know more about the people whose lives have been influenced by Kazi Goods purchases? Past blog posts on The Good Buy have featured inspiring stories of women who work in All Across Africa weaving cooperatives, including Seraphine and Febronie, who rebuilt their lives in the wake of the Rwandan genocide of the 90s, as so many women from the region did. Read their stories and then view the full collection of available All Across Africa baskets from Kazi Goods

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