All About Olive Oil

July 29, 2017

There’s so much to love about the golden elixir, olive oil! For years, nutritionists have praised the healthy benefits contained in the “good fats” of extra virgin olive oil. Among the benefits: lowering cholesterol and helping to control insulin levels. Contained in it are powerful antioxidants that have anti-inflammatory properties that protect cells from damage. Olive oil is also often found in moisturizers and lotions because of its rejuvenating and hydrating properties that protect skin damage. No wonder it’s so good for you — inside and out!

A few things to consider

  • How you store it matters. Be sure to buy it in an opaque or dark green bottle, because heat and light will oxidize it, damaging the taste and quality of the oil, including the health benefits we just mentioned above. Store it in a cool cabinet or even the refrigerator. It will last a long time, but try to use it up within a year’s time for best taste, as it will deteriorate over time, even under perfect storage conditions.
  • Cold-pressed olive oil can be evaluated for taste like connoisseurs do with wine. The Canaan Palestine oils we stock add in fresh ingredients like citrus, herbs, garlic and more right on top of the fresh organic olives so they are crushed together. The oil in the olives and the flavor in the produce are released together in the cold-pressing process, resulting in a very aromatic, tasty naturally-flavored olive oil. It is then filtered to a smooth consistency so with a single oil you can add robust flavor to or as a simple dip for bread.
  • What does "extra virgin" mean?
    According to Olive Oil Times, "Olive oil is considered 'extra virgin' when it has been produced by a simple pressing of the olives. Other grades ... are usually produced using chemicals and other processes to extract the oil from the olives." Besides being produced by only mechanical means under temperatures that do not degrade it, the oil should taste like fresh olives.
  • Olive trees have been grown around the Mediterranean since the 8th millennium BC. Did you know that some of the olive trees Canaan Fair Trade farmers tend are over 2,000 years old? Read the inspiring story of Abu Saleh, a small fair trade farmer in Palestine, and his journey raising his daughters and providing a better life for himself and his family through organic farming. Then watch the short video below to experience the olive harvest season with farmer Abu Al Abed!


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