Happy Feet

January 23, 2016

We love everything about Mitscoots socks! They keep your feet warm in patterned style. And besides just looking good, your socks do good! The Mitscoots buy-one, give-one model meets the challenge of homelessness in a direct way: for each pair you buy, they donate a pair to those in need. Going even further, they actively employ people who are transitioning from living on the streets; they hire them to help assemble and ship Mitscoots socks. 

Help more people get back on their feet with these options:

Boot Socks
So popular we sold out of our first batch of these. They’re back in stock — but now that winter’s here, probably not for long!

Argyle Styles
A classic pattern, available in a variety of color combinations! 

Snowflakes Design
The #1 Mitscoots seller during the winter season! Fireplace not included — but with these warm socks, you won’t need it.

Go beyond socks!
Mitscoots now donates more than just socks to people overcoming homelessness: hats, gloves, and scarves are now a part of their buy-one, give-one model! You can make a difference by purchasing today, and they’ll make a donation on your behalf!    


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