Hard-to-Buy-for Gift Guide

November 18, 2015

Isn’t there always that one person who lingers on your holiday gift list, keeping you scratching your head guessing as to what exactly they might like? We’ve got a few unique and thoughtful ideas to make every recipient know you care.

Our $10-and-under stocking stuffers ought to do for almost anyone on your list who you want to show appreciation but don’t want to blow the budget (looking at you, office gift givers!). Here are a few ideas if you want to up your game just a little more.

For distant relatives you see once a year

Liberty Bottleworks Reusable Aluminum Bottles
For aunts, uncles, cousins, those people you call relatives who are actually just friends of the family — we’ve all got them. Here’s a nice way to avoid charged political topics but still help everyone in your circle get on the path to sustainability. 

For your boss who really should be buying you a gift instead

Inspire Dreams Chico Bag
Because that’s what they should be doing for your career. Bonus points if you fill it with a Jam Stand sampler — because we all know you’ve been getting the company out of jams for years. 

For the mailman, newspaper delivery person, doorman, etc.

Fair-trade coffee
They keep you in the know, on track, and on schedule. That’s why you need to keep them caffeinated. 

For your hairdresser who makes you look oh-so-good

Blue Planet sunglasses
Return the favor and choose from a variety of styles that fit their look and personality.

For your coworkers who really have your back

Sustainable apparel
Show ‘em that you’d give the shirt off your back too — literally! 

For the nosy neighbor upstairs

Eyeglasses holder
Maybe they’ll get the point, maybe they won’t. But you will smile whenever you think about how clever you are. 

For your landlord you want to keep on good terms with

Bamboo bee coasters
You can give something that shows respect for the home but doesn’t break the bank. Because clearly you give them enough every first of the month, don’t you? 

For your friend’s kids even if you don’t know how old they are

Recycled colored pencils
Encourage the artist in them with this tube of 12. Works for elementary school scribblings, high school sketchbook stars, and everyone in between. 

For dads who say they don’t need anything

Canvas travel case
He won’t ever buy something like this for himself. But you can make sure the things he needs to pack go with him in style. 

For moms who never take time for themselves

Hand in Hand self-care and wellness products
Because once in a while she needs to turn on the radio, close the door to distractions, and just soak a little. 

For unexpected guests who just show up to your holiday party

Stay tuned to the blog next week for this one!

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