4 Philanthropic Orgs You Should Know About

September 07, 2016

While our nearly 40 (and growing!) partners have all passed a holistic and rigorous standard for ethical and sustainable business practices, we wanted to highlight four who continually impress with their dedication to our environment, our country, and our shared humanity.

As they say, there ain't no Wednesday like #VendorCrushWednesday.

United By Blue

An outdoor apparel brand located in Philadelphia, United by Blue believes that for-profit businesses have as much of a stake in the future of our environment as every citizen and consumer. For every product sold, United By Blue removes one pound of trash from our oceans and waterways through company-organized and -hosted cleanups. At current count, since 2010, they've hosted 155 cleanups and removed 312,402 pounds of trash across 25 states (and counting).

Learn more about past cleanups and sign up for an upcoming one near you here.

Liberty Botteworks

Committed to the American Dream, Liberty Bottleworks promotes people, protects the environment, and makes high-quality, long-lasting, artist-designed bottles. All bottles are made with recycled materials and the factory is closing in on becoming a zero-waste facility (currently a 96% diversion rate). All Liberty products are made in America, and they give preference to hiring veterans.

Best of all, they pledge 1% of their sales and 1% of their working hours to helping local and grassroots efforts.



Mitscoots makes gear with a mission: Get + Give + Employ. Their products are 100% American made and for every item you purchase, they partner with local and national charities to give an equal quality item to someone in need across the U.S.

Even better, they employ the transitioning homeless to help package things up, realizing that to make lasting change, you have to get to root causes, and do something to fix them. 


We Dream in Colour

Located in Boston's North Shore, We Dream in Colour was founded in New York City by designer Jade Gedeon. Inspired by her family's nomadic lifestyle, Gedeon re-imagines classics and tweaks traditions to create something for everyone. Each and every piece is hand assembled by the in-house production team in Salem, Mass.

Created without harmful production processes and toxic prep solutions, WDIC pieces are made with reclaimed metals and vintage and antique re-purposed materials where possible. Packaging materials are 100% biodegradable and reused obsessively. They donate 1% of their net sales and 5% of their after tax profits to environmental and humanitarian foundations and charities. 

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