Fair Trade: Beyond Fair Wages

October 15, 2015

We're still celebrating Fair Trade Month! Here's an exceptional and quick read titled "Fair Trade: Beyond Fair Wages," by Manish Gupta, founder of Matr Boomie, and featured on their "All One Kin" blog.

Photo courtesy Matr Boomie.

Gupta highlights that, while fair wages are essential, there are several additional important considerations for global importers. Eye-to-eye partnerships with artisan producers include providing product design support for success in global arenas, access to quality materials, and logistics to get their goods to global markets in a safe, efficient, and timely manner.

"As a Fair Trade importer, we spend a lot of effort supporting our artisan partners with product design, logistics, materials, quality training, market awareness, and confidence building through long-term commitments," says Gupta. "But the biggest challenge, is the lack of confidence with the artisans themselves — that they can succeed, and that their art is valuable. Prior false promises and failures usually are responsible for this lack of trust."

Learn more about what Matr Boomie is doing to assist artisans with production resources and market access for global trade. Then, check out some of their new offerings and take a stand for fair trade!

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