Fair-Trade Olive Oil

September 24, 2015

During fall, our thoughts turn toward cooking: maybe it's because, with the end of summer travels, we find ourselves staying in a bit more, preparing for winter. It's also a great time to celebrate the season's harvest, with products like Equal Exchange's organic extra virgin olive oil. How would we ever cook without it? Many of the olive trees on partners' farms have been passed down through generations. Inspired by their heritage, members of the co-op are building a better future. The photo below from Equal Exchange shows Sania Shqer, an olive farmer and member of the Al Zawyeh co-op, with one of her olive trees.

Looking to really amp up your dishes? Check out the new crushed olive oils from Canaan Fair Trade. These extra virgin olive oils are cold pressed with organic fruit, vegetables, and herbs, like lemon and basil, which add more flavor to your favorite recipes. And they're made on small family farms in Palestine too. When you know what's on your plate made a difference for workers' rights and in the lives of small farmers, things just taste better.

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