ChicoBag and S.E.A. Change Exploration

June 17, 2015

You might remember ChicoBag founder Andy Keller from his adventures as the dreaded Bag Monster! Almost five years after setting sail to explore the South Pacific Subtropical Gyre, Keller is headed off to research the North Atlantic Gyre as part of the S.E.A. Change Expedition. (BTW, what's a gyre, you ask? Basically a giant ocean current.)

ChicoBag tells us: "The voyage will empower legislation, design change, and education through cutting edge research. The research being done is giving humanity a better understanding of the issue that has been long denied by those profiting from single-use plastics."

Image courtesy of ChicoBag.

Keller writes: “Our habitual use of single-use plastics bumps up against an ugly truth; used for moments, these plastics never go away. I started ChicoBag because I experienced the results of our consumption at my local landfill where plastic bags were flying around in the air and escaping into the adjacent ranch land. This is one of the places we call 'away'. Unfortunately, it is not the only place we call 'away', with water and wind, all plastics that escape our control eventually end up in the ocean."

Read more about Keller's journey and the 5Gyres organization.

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