Hand in Hand: Lifesaving Hygiene and Eco-Friendliness

May 12, 2015

Fun (and totally awesome and inspiring) fact: For every product purchased, Hand in Hand, a sustainable soap company that we partner with at the Good Buy, saves 50 square feet of rain forest and donates one bar of soap and one month of clean water to a child in the Global South.

Here at the Good Buy, we know that issues of social justice and injustice do not exist in isolation; they overlap, they connect, they intersect. That’s why we really appreciate the multifaceted way that Hand in Hand looks at how to make their soap in a way they — and we and you! — can truly feel good about.

Hand in Hand products give back by making sure that more kids throughout the world have access to clean water and soap, which can prevent the spread of illness. And at the same time, they make sure that the creation of their soaps isn’t negatively affecting the environment or taking economic advantage of ingredient producers along the way.  

Hand in Hand founders Courtney and Bill put it this way:

“We wanted to be proud of and develop a product that was made with sustainable resources, and harvested ethically. As such, our products are as natural and fair trade as we can make them. To have a product that is truly eco-friendly, means more than just having natural ingredients. We have found that many natural soaps use ingredients that ultimately come from intentionally cleared rainforests, which was something that we wanted no part in. Every ingredient in our soap is not only natural, but it is harvested and grown in an environmentally friendly way."

Oh, and PS, when you buy Hand in Hand products from the Good Buy, your purchase does even more — helping advance human rights through the work of UUSC, an international nonprofit that is transforming human rights into realities.


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