Coffee Leaf Rust and Climate Variability

March 11, 2015

Today we're sharing this Instagram photo from Carly Kadlec at Equal Exchange. She writes: "Don Jorge Bonilla, a farmer and member of COMSA in Marcala, Honduras explained his processing methodology to me and took me on a tour of his farm yesterday. Don Jorge has recovered greatly since roya damaged a significant percentage of his production area. Investing in varietals with greater resistance to roya and advanced organic practices, he expects a strong harvest this year."

What is la roya, or "coffee leaf rust"? It’s a fungus that spreads rapidly and ravages coffee plants, and climate variability allows threats like it to thrive in an unprecedented way and cause large-scale damage. Many coffee farms across Central America have already experienced substantial losses due to rust and are struggling to survive and move forward.

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What can you do? Read Kadlec's blog on coffee leaf rust. Stand with small farmers by purchasing Equal Exchange coffee. For every pound purchased at the Good Buy through May 2015, Equal Exchange will donate 10 cents to the to the Red Cherry Fund, which will support farmers in El Salvador and Guatemala, two regions that have been most affected by climate change.

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