All-Natural Sustainable Suds

December 05, 2014

Let's talk about soaps! These little wonders make great host and hostess gifts as you travel from home to home around the holidays. And the clean, light scent of freshly washed hands is one of the simple joys in life. So spread the love around with these bar soap options:

Of course lavender is the top scent preferred in bathrooms everywhere for hand washing, but why not get adventurous and try lemongrass and ginger (perfect for bodies) or Moroccan mint (perfect for faces) too? If you think bar soaps dry your skin too much, you've probably never tried Badger's offerings, with all-natural ingredients that are full of real moisturizers like plant oils and butters, with no animal fats or artificial perfumes and fragrances. Which is also why Badger's shave soap creates a mighty lather and leaves faces smooth and clean.

Hand in Hand
With their buy-one, give-one model, your gift keeps multiplying. For ever bar you purchase, Hand in Hand donates a bar of soap to someone in need. Our favorite right now: orange blossom. And if you want to dress up and tidy up your sink, try one of Hand in Hand's handmade ceramic, crackle-glaze soap dishes.

Ready for something a little different? Charcoal has been used as a natural cleaning agent for longer than we can remember. These dark little blocks are handmade in small batches to ensure quality. And if you're looking for a sudsy gift that isn't a bar, we give in: you can get Apotheke's charcoal soap in liquid form. You're welcome!

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