Strong Women

November 12, 2014

When she was just a child, Moo Kho was separated from her parents and brought to Burma by her grandmother, where she went through the horrific experience of living in a war-torn area. After witnessing brutal killings and the burning down of her village, she fled to a refugee camp, where she lived in poor conditions with no prospects for employment or education. After marrying and having twin daughters, Moo Kho arrived in the United States with no job prospects or enough money to buy diapers for her girls. She joined Prosperity Candle in Springfield, Mass., where she received the first paycheck of her life.

Since then, Moo Kho has worked hard and earned promotions and steady, fair income at Prosperity Candle. She now helps to train women refugees like her in the art of making candles. Moo Kho transformed from a refugee with no opportunities to an entrepreneur with ambition and ownership — and with Prosperity Candle, she is able to empower other women to transform their lives in the same way.

Honor Moo Kho by helping provide a living wage for her and the other women of Prosperity Candle by buying and giving candles, including this gift set of three candles that feature quotes from three amazing women: Eleanor Roosevelt, Zainab Salbi, and Pema Chödrön. 


Images of Moo Kho courtesy of Prosperity Candle.


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