Fair Seas Spice Company

November 04, 2014

This week we're highlighting fair-trade spices. Those ones you're used to in the supermarket from multinational corporations? They probably aren't the freshest: sourced and ground months ago, with a lot of flavor lost. And while we're talking about sourcing, it's also likely that the farmers who harvested and processed those spices weren't paid a living wage or a fair price for their goods.

In comes Fair Seas Spice Company! We've greatly expanded the range of spices we offer because we believe so strongly in their mission to ethically source the freshest spices from throughout the world and bring them to your table. With each bite you can feel good about the relationships they've made with a variety of small farmers around the globe. Isn't it worth paying just a little more to know that your food is not the product of worker exploitation?

And the taste! Many of Fair Seas' spices are sold whole. Why? Because freshly ground spices just taste better. And it's easy: simply empty all the spices into a coffee grinder or small food processor and blend until you have a fine powder. Done. Try some today, like the perfect-for-fall flavor of true pumpkin spice. You'll never go back to the chemical-flavor impostors.

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