Fair-Trade Cinnamon

October 06, 2014

It's fall baking time here at the Good Buy, and all week we'll be posting about how you can use fair-trade spices and ingredients to make your pies and cookies even better!

First up, one of the biggest staples you'll need in your pantry: cinnamon. Did you know it comes in two types? Ceylon and cassia. We asked our good friends over at the Fair Seas Spice Company to tell us more about the difference. Here's what they wrote:

While we commonly refer to Cassia as cinnamon, in reality Ceylon cinnamon is the only variety to be considered true cinnamon. Cassia is grown throughout Asia and consists of the outer bark on the cinnamon tree, while Ceylon is cultivated almost exclusively in Sri Lanka and consists only of the inner bark of the small evergreen Cinnamomum zeylanicum tree. Ceylon requires significantly more work to harvest than Cassia and is generally more expensive. Ceylon cinnamon is thought to possess many health benefits, namely blood sugar regulation.

Do Cassia and Ceylon taste the same? Not quite. Ceylon cinnamon is sweet and delicate where as Cassia Cinnamon is more pungent and peppery. Cassia is usually a better suited for savory dishes, while Ceylon is preferred for sweet dishes, as well as Ceylon cinnamon tea. At the end of the day both are delicious, and it really comes down to personal preference.

Taste the difference by using fair-trade Ceylon cinnamon in the next item you bake!

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