Handmade Scarf and Textile Care

September 23, 2014

Let's talk about how to care for the beautiful handmade scarves we carry, so they'll have long-lasting wear!

Bamboo chenille
Hand wash in cold water with mild soap such as hair or baby shampoo, lie flat until almost dry, and then “fluff up” briefly (three minutes) with a fabric softener sheet in a dryer set on low-heat gentle. Use fabric softener when you wash and minimize agitation and heat. Agitation will eventually remove the pile from the chenille and the tassels, and tangle the tassels. It can also flatten the pile. Heat could shrink your item. For creases or a too-worn look, freshen up by spritzing with water and drying as above or use a steamer (you can hang in a steamy bathroom if you don't have a steamer).

If you prefer, you may professionally dry clean your scarf — of course, we recommend searching out a chemical-free dry cleaner in your local area!

The fabric has already been washed by hand and dried as above, in Guatemala. Check out more info on how to care for chenille.

Lightweight bamboo
Hand wash in cold water with mild soap such as hair or baby shampoo, and then rinse with fabric softener. Be careful not to agitate or wring the item, as the fringe could get tangled. Hang or lay flat to dry. Iron as needed, using rayon setting.

Cotton scarves and shawls
Hand wash in cool water. Do not wring. Hang to dry. Iron on cotton setting as necessary, being careful not to insert tip of iron into open weave spaces. Use steam as needed. Comb fringe if needed.

Cotton place mats, napkins, and runners
For the first wash, wash separately. Use cool or warm water. Either hang dry or dry in dryer until almost dry, then remove from dryer and smooth flat in order to avoid the need for ironing. Iron as needed on cotton setting.


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