Not Your Average Peanuts

August 20, 2014

Wild Jungle Peanuts from Essential Living Foods (ELF) are a sustainable Amazon Rain Forest product, and your purchase helps protect an area with incredibly rich biodiversity. This unique ancient variety is beautifully striped and boasts a rich flavor that beats mass-grown commercial peanuts. 

Sustainably cultivated by seven indigenous Achuar and Shuar communities, these peanuts help to preserve precious forest and ancient indigenous culture. They are hand-harvested and carefully sun-dried in their shells on covered, elevated drying tables. 

Your purchase makes a real difference in the lives of seven indigenous communities; it helps conserve two million acres of old-growth rain forest while sustaining culture and traditions. Unfortunately, this territory has recently come under threat from huge oil companies. The Achuar have title to roughly two million acres of primary forest, and the oil companies are applying tremendous pressure to obtain the rights and force the Achuar from their native land.

The good news is that the Ecuadorian government is standing behind the Achuar and their right to self-determination. The government is especially pleased to see indigenous peoples sustainably drawing on the unique agricultural value of their land. ELF’s wild harvested peanuts are a paradigm-shifting economic model that strengthens the value of the Achuar’s forest and creates an income source. 

If you like the raw peanuts, also try Wild Jungle Peanut Butter!

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