Never Send Another Toothbrush to the Landfill

August 18, 2014

Big changes start with you.

Each time you recycle a Preserve toothbrush, 15 grams of plastic are given a new life. That means 15 grams of plastic do not have to be manufactured from Earth’s nonrenewable resources. Gram by gram, we are saving water, energy, oil, and natural gas that it takes to make virgin plastics.

In the process of taking back toothbrushes since 1996, Preserve has learned a lot about recycling systems. In all, they've recycled about 500,000 toothbrushes. In order to spur larger change, Preserve has sought to share what's been learned. Through Preserve and its programs with partners (Stonyfield, Brita, and Burt’s Bees), you can now recycle a host of #5 plastic products and packages.

So when you've brushed the life out of your toothbrush's bristles, Preserve's ToothBrush Takeback program is ready to save it from the landfill and turn it into something new. It's made from multiple materials, so it won't be accepted in your standard recycling bin. Be sure to use the mail-back pack provided with each product.


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