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Gloss Amber Tortoise Sunglasses
Gloss Amber Tortoise Sunglasses $ 27.99
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Red Solid & Stripes Socks
Red Solid & Stripes Socks $ 12.00
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Standard Zip-Up Hoodie
Standard Zip-Up Hoodie $ 54.99
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Explore Crew Neck Tee
Explore Crew Neck Tee $ 35.99
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What makes our products so good? They promote living wages for workers and open supply chains for ethical producers, while championing all-natural organics, sustainable farming, and minimal or zero impact on the environment. What’s even better? Each purchase directly funds human rights programs around the world administered by UUSC, so you can make a difference with each purchase. Learn more on our blog.

Good for the earth. Good for workers.

Recent Updates

Going Green at the Grocery Store

April 17, 2015

Going green at the grocery store is becoming law in cities and towns throughout the United States. 

It’s an exciting move toward sustainability — and we’ve got the perfect line of reusable bags to help you make the switch: ChicoBag!


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Fair-Trade Sugar Cane Farmers of Kasinthula

April 14, 2015

All the sugar in Divine chocolate is fair-trade certified and sourced from the Kasinthula Cane Growers Association in Malawi. With climate change having serious effects there, farmers are just recovering from widespread floods that swept away homes and crops across the country.

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Bringing Coffee Growers and Coffee Drinkers Closer Together

April 10, 2015

We talk about supply chains a lot around here. And the more direct (like less links in that chain!) generally means better pay for workers. But another added benefit is lower prices and better quality for consumers. Learn more about those amazing beans' journey from field to cup.

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